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Other services

I am available for a wide range of services and collaborations--below are a few examples:

I've performed in live sex shows, for example at SBN in London (link here), and on the main stage at Darklands festival in Antwerp (videos here and here; both NSFW).

Aside from modelling for photographers, I've also worked as a life model, for example with hacknakey, queerlifedrawing, and maleformdrawing.

I often work with brands on Twitter and Instagram, promoting them in exchange for products and/or a percentage of sales bought through my promotional link - examples include mwearnyc (NSFW), Marica, and Homo London. I'm especially interested in queer and trans brands, but contact me with any enquiries.

My photos and videos are available for use as reference for artists. I don't charge anything for this, but I ask that I'm always credited with a link to my social media if the images are posted publicly. However, I love receiving copies of the art, so if you'd like to send me a copy or your print or zine, that would be lovely! Some examples are here, by, lesgarconsbleus,, nkd.draw, fabrumsmind, henriqueilustra, shmoonify, and menofpapers.

I have appeared in magazines such as Crotch, FS, cntrl, and Italian Vogue. I won the Performer of the Year award at the Sexual Freedom Awards, I was in an advert for the NHL, and I've spoken on panel discussions and in podcasts, and in interviews for Vice and Mannschaft (in German). I have spoken about my negative experiences as a sex worker at the US border, in an Instagram reel and in interviews. In short, I'm available for a wide range of positions, so contact me for any enquiries.

For porn performers interested in collaborating with me for our pages, you can send me a message on social media. My requirements are: fully approved on OF, and either approved on JFF or willing to sign a consent form. I do not work with people who are not approved on OF. I only work with established performers who have experience creating high-quality videos. I ask you to complete a model release form to cover the use of the videos on payment platforms and social media, including uploading a photo of your ID. Finally, I ask everyone I work with to have had a recent STI screen--preferably within 2-3 weeks. I'm happy to show my own results.

If you're thinking about starting your own OnlyFans or Fansly pages, I'm happy to give you (ongoing) advice, feedback, and guidance about your content or how best to manage your page. In return, I ask that you use my referral codes to sign up for your account. These give me a small percentage of sales, but the amount is taken from the platform fees, so does not affect your income.

OnlyFans referral link

Fansly referral link

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about this.

The best way to get in touch is by emailing me:

You can also send me a message on social media, but please be clear and direct!

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